Pre-Employment & Integrity Screening

ComplianceAsia Internal Audit can assist with your pre-employment and integrity screening needs by conducting comprehensive enquiries focused on confirming and ascertaining information provided by potential candidates within the financial industry.

Our screening covers:

  • Adverse financial checks
  • Check of public register of local financial authorities
  • Civil litigation
  • Criminal record check (where appropriate)
  • Education confirmation
  • Global compliance and sanction checks
  • Media, internet and social media searches
  • Previous employment verification (human resources and/or referees)
  • Verification of directorship/shareholding to identify conflict of interest
  • Verification of professional memberships

While not all searches are available in all locations, ComplianceAsia Internal Audit team will review information available and provide a detailed report while taking information, in consideration of privacy restrictions in the countries the candidate has lived in.